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Carly and the Reaperman will Bring it’s Co-op VR Platforming to the Quest Next Month

The highly-rated co-op VR platformer from developer Odd Raven has been available for PC VR and PSVR for a couple of years but it’s finally coming to the Quest and Quest 2 April 15.

Carly and the Reaperman has been around since 2019 and we reviewed the PSVR version favorably back when it released. For that version, one player controlled Carly in the headset while a second player controlled the giant Reaperman using the TV screen and a Dual Shock 4. One player in the headset could control both parties quite easily, but as with most things in life, it was more fun with a partner. The Quest version will require both players to be in VR obviously, so that may add some fun new wrinkles to the game.

Publisher Resolution Games has partnered with developer Odd Raven to bring this new version to the standalone Oculus platform next month. In the depths of the underworld, you’ll need to master the platforming of this strange spirit world, while the Reaperman helps Carly solve puzzles and build platforms to safely navigate your way through each level. Check out the Oculus Rift trailer below for an idea of the gameplay.

It’s listed in the “coming soon” section without a release date from the Oculus Quest store, but Resolution Games has revealed via Twitter that the game is releasing on April 15. A price is not confirmed just yet either but the Rift version is $19.99 so that feels like a safe bet. We’ve reached out to Resolution Games to see if it’s an Oculus cross-buy and we will update you on that when we know more.

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