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Table Top RPG Demeo Dungeon Crawls onto PC and VR Later this Year

The play-a-boardgame-in-VR idea has been done a few times and most of the time it’s been pretty cool. Demeo hopes to keep that trend going when it releases for the Quest, Rift, and Steam VR later this year.

Developer Resolution Games dropped a brand new gameplay trailer for its upcoming dungeon crawler Demeo and you should check it out below. We also learned that the RPG is the studio’s first title that will be playable on PC in regular flat mode with cross-play ability between VR and non-VR players. That will come in handy if some of your buddies don’t have a VR headset yet. But seriously, what’s up with your lame friends not having VR headsets yet?

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, Demeo is a collaborative, turn-based role-playing game for up to four players. A Guardian, Hunter, Sorcerer, and Assassin make up your band of heroes, and you’ll need to work together to claim victory. Roll the die and combine regular attacks with special ability cards looted from treasure chests to destroy the evil creatures that threaten the realm.

Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games had this to say about the game: “It’s so easy to get lost in the different environments of the game. Are you sitting around a table playing a board game with friends in your parents’ basement? Yes. Are you a hero exploring levels of a dungeon and facing hordes of monsters and traps with your fellowship of warriors? Also yes. It’s this combined experience that’s so reminiscent of traditional tabletop gaming with friends that makes Demeo such an engaging experience.”

We don’t have an exact release date as of yet, but we do know that it will be available on the Oculus Quest, Rift, Steam VR, and on regular old PC. No word on a PSVR version as of yet, but it would seem to be a perfect fit so we will keep our fingers crossed.

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