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WW2 Shooter Days of Heroes: D-Day Storms onto PC VR March 11

The battle plans are drawn and the invasion day has been set. Developer Zen Apps Studio is bringing its take on the invasion of D-Day to the Oculus and Steam store on March 11th.

It seems VR is single-handedly ending the video game draught of WW2 shooters. Respawn brought us Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond late last year and even Contractors VR gave us very cool WW2 loadouts a few months ago. And now, Zen Apps Studio is bringing us their take on the second world war with Days of Heroes: D-Day.

As you can see from the latest trailer above, their take on the conflict features almost a cartoony art style. It’s an interesting contrast to the serious nature of the gameplay, but one this gamer is anxious to experience.

Days of Heroes: D-Day promises a diverse military experience, from short and long-range skirmishes to trench warfare, and even some anti-aircraft and anti-tank missions. Whether you’re taking on the role of an airborne division jumper who must infiltrate enemy territory in the dark of night, or storming the beach of Omaha, Day’s of Heroes: D-Day aims to give players a complete WW2 experience. Check out a shortlist of the games main features:

  • World War II setting. Take part in the Normandy landing and try to change the tides of war.
  • Twenty-six exciting military missions. Complete all sorts of tasks typical for an airborne division jumper or infantry soldier, from firing at enemy lines to destroying armored vehicles, tanks, and planes.
  • Over a dozen accurately reproduced World War II weapons. Use anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, artillery, short-range weapons, grenades, and even flamethrowers and axes.
  • Unique graphic style. Enjoy stylish graphic design showing the reality of war from an entirely new perspective.
  • Two bonus missions. Practice your shooting skills on the shooting range and raise the challenge to the extreme in Hardcore Mode.

Days of Heroes: D-Day releases March 11 on Steam and Oculus. Check back here at Pure Play VR for gameplay and a review on launch day. If that first trailer wasn’t enough for you, check out two more brand new trailers down below.

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