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The Wait is Almost Over. The Climb 2 Coming to the Quest Next Week

Announced way back at Facebook Connect 2020, the sequel to Crytek’s massively popular climbing sim The Climb is almost here. The ascent begins March 4th.

The Climb originally launched on the Oculus Rift and thrilled most players and critics with its exhilarating visuals and climbing mechanics. It made a successful port to the original Quest in 2019 and it was no surprise that the sequel would be built around the wireless Quest. In fact, it was prominently featured on the box of the Quest 2 when it shipped late last year.

The Climb 2 was originally slated for release last year with the Quest 2, but it was pushed back to a date in Q1 of 2021. That date is next week, March 4th. Along with the addition of city climbing, The Climb 2 introduces dynamic objects like ropes, containers, ladders, and climbing equipment that somehow react to the player’s weight! I can’t wait to check that out.

With the new locations, asynchronous multiplayer modes, leaderboards, new times of day, and difficulty levels, The Climb 2 is definitely a game to keep an eye on.

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