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Vanishing Grace Update 1.02 Adds Smooth Turning on Quest

Vanishing Quest’s developer hasn’t vanished after the game’s release but has instead stuck around to put out some updates for the game, with the first new update being 1.02.

Vanishing Grace for Oculus Quest has a new update so if you boot up your version of the game today and are prompted with a message asking if you’d like to update the game, that’s the reason why.

The new update is version 1.02 and it brings some fixes as well as some optimisations to the game’s controls.

For those who prefer smooth turning in their VR adventures, Vanishing Grace now has support for the option with the latest update. Snap turning is still there, though, if you need it, but it’s nice to see options are available.

Vanishing Grace Update 1.02 Patch Notes
General updates
  • We added Smooth Turn
  • We added more options to the menu before entering the game
  • We added a circle on the floor to let the players know if they leave the center of the play area in joystick mode
  • We added an SFX that allows the players to know when they can’t enter the craft
  • We added a sign, so the Gas Station puzzle is easier to understand
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent the Solar Sail crank from moving
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent some players from entering the craft in the first chapter
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent the cassette tapes from reproducing properly
  • Fixed a bug that may change the players’ height

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