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In Death: Unchained Season 2 is Live, Including New Maps and Player Levels

Back in December, In Death: Unchained added a fun gate defense mode to the challenging roguelike archery action the game was known for. The Siege of Heaven update allowed players to enjoy arguably the best archery action in VR in more bite-sized bits.

With the new seasonal format, player’s scores are converted into Legend Points and Player Levels at season’s end, and players are awarded with Unlockable Skins. When the new season begins, the leaderboards get reset, but the player’s achievements, progress, and saves are all retained.

Developer Superbright’s CEO, Wojtek Podgorski, had this to say about the latest update: “We hope the seasonal format will help keep the game fresh, allow us to make balance adjustments while keeping the game fair, and reward the game’s original legends while giving new players their chance at glory.”

Season 2 adds two new maps to the Siege of Heaven mode along with new enemies. Also, all of the Siege of Heaven maps have received a graphical overhaul, with new visual effects, lighting, volumetric fog, and geometry.

But don’t worry, the main mode has seen a few improvements as well. You’ll find adjusted difficulty in the higher loops, and my favorite new addition, a “save and quit” button at the checkpoints.

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