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Dr. Beef’s Oculus Quest Port of Doom 3 Just got a Huge Patch

Although Doom 3 has been out for nearly 20 years, thanks to Dr. Beef and his talented team, you can now play it on your Oculus Quest. The unofficial port requires you to own the original game but that’s literally a small price to pay ($5 on Steam) to play this full-featured classic on the Quest.
Dr. Beef just announced on Twitter that Doom 3 has received its first patch just days after it’s launch on SideQuest. The game has received rave reviews since launch but it did have some issues. One of the main complaints was the poor implementation of head orientated movement and a menu cursor that was difficult to use. Doom3Quest v1.1.0 patch aims to solve both of these issues and much more. Check out the full patch notes below.
In addition to Doom 3, Dr. Beef and his team have previously modded the original Half-Life, Quake 1 & 2, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which we just reviewed. Check out that review here.
QoL improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Improved Menu Cursor

  • Fixed Transition from Delta Labs 4

  • Fixed Transition from CPU

  • Fixed Head Orientated Movement

  • Reinstated Original Cutscene Movements and Angles when viewing Projected

  • Fixed incorrectly named weapons when picking up and in the PDA

  • HUD is now centred meaning you can scale as you see fit

  • Crouch / Duck when left-handed and stick switched fixed

  • Set Reload timer to 300ms, much easier to reload now

  • Added menu cinematics and tips

  • Added downsize options to performance menu

  • Set Quest 2 defaults to not downsize

  • Decreased laser sight width (existing users need to delete their config)

  • Headshot multiplier is now scaled by difficult level (2.5 on recruit, 1.75 on Normal, 1.25 on Hard, 1 on nightmare)

New Buttons
  • Y = Toggle Lasersight On/Off

  • Left Joystick Click (unless Sticks Switched, then Right) = Toggle Flashlight On / Off

  • Right Joystick Click (unless Sticks Switched, then Left) = Toggle Full Body / Hands

  • Weapon Hand Grip + Left Joystick Click (unless Sticks Switched, then Right) = Reset Height

  • Weapon Hand Grip + Right Joystick Click (unless Sticks Switched, then Left) = Toggle Flashlight Modes

Source: Twitter

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