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Contractors VR Gets a Massive Update on Oculus Quest, Fixes Annoying Nametag Display and More

Caveman Studio has released a brand new update today for Contractors VR on Oculus Quest, bringing some much-needed fixes to the excellent shooter – and it’s a massive update.

If you’re rocking the 64GB Quest model, you may need to do some tidying up and storage management as the new update, version 0.80.1 takes up around 4.5GB of space, which is a lot if you’re already working with a little. But is the update worth it? If you were to ask Jez, he’d raise his fancy gunstock into the air and give you an all-American “hell yeah!” before shotgunning a beer. Find out why with the patch notes below. If you haven’t already read our review, you can find it here or you can watch the review video up above.

Contractors VR December 6th, 2020 Patch Notes (Version 0.80.1):

Editor’s note: The patch notes come by way of the developer’s Discord channel, so we’ve tidied up some of the spelling and grammar, so it may look a little different. 

1. Bug Fix: Fixed Friendly NameTag not displaying sooner

2. Bug Fix: Fixed Weapon sounds not being spatialized.

3. Bug Fix: Fixed infinite sound loop in HQ.

4. Bug Fix: Fixed mp5 is missing from gunstock calibration menu.

5. Bug Fix: Fixed weapons are not displayed at high LOD during gunstock calibration.

6. Bug Fix: Fixed holding mp7 left-handed will damage player while firing weapon.

7. Improvement: Improved overall audio quality.

8. Improvement: Eotech Lens crosshair become sharper.

9. Improvement: Quest2 resolution has been increased.

10. Improvement: Quest2 will display higher-quality model for AI/Bots.

*We do notice some players are having trouble updating the game, if you do encounter the issue please try reinstalling the game and make sure the version number shows 0.80.1 after install.

*PC and Server update will be postponed to Tuesday due to these emergency fix for Quest version.

Source: Discord

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