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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Update Coming to all VR Headsets this Christmas

The wait is almost over for the VR update to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Speaking on a live developer update on Twitch, developer Asobo Studio said the VR update will drop on December 23rd along with the Sim Update 2. A VR mode was initially announced for the popular flight simulator back in July but was thought to be a timed exclusive to the brand new HP Reverb G2. For some reason, that plan was scrapped and owners of every PC headset will have access to the update in time for Christmas.

Martial Bossard, executive producer at Asobo Studio suggested that the entire game will be VR compatible, including the pre-flight menu, allowing a seamless VR experience. Although, this should be a no-brainer as we’ve come too far for the need to remove our headset mid-game to change settings or choose a plane. Sim Update 2 will also bring two new tutorials for the Airbus A320neo jetliner, which is good because you can’t just start flying an airbus without the proper know-how, right?

More updates are coming as well. Over the next months and years, fans of the franchise can expect much-requested replay functionality, new landmarks, multiple-screen setups, and flyable helicopters. I’ve always wanted to fly a Huey, so that is good news for me. The VR Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on December 23rd for all PC VR headsets including the Oculus Quest 1 and 2 via Link and/or (presumably) Virtual Desktop.

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