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The Witcher in VR is a Very Impressive Tech Demo, But Not Much Else

You’ve no doubt wondered what some games would be like in VR. I know I’ve had fever dreams about playing Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed in VR, but what about The Witcher? I can’t say it’s crossed my mind, but some eager fan out there has gone ahead and made it a reality. Kind of.

YouTube user Patryk Loan has begun working on a VR version of CD Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed The Witcher. However, don’t expect to go gallivanting around The Witcher’s massive open world just yet.

The trailer that has been released shows the opening tutorial level where players can mooch around, but that’s it. You can’t interact with any NPCs (there aren’t any) and you won’t be swinging your sword doing your best Henry Cavill impression. There are no enemies to fight, no quests to take, and generally not much else to do other than walk around. But it’s cool all the same, and even if it just boils down to being a handful of environments from The Witcher in VR, I reckon hardcore fans will enjoy it.

Cease and desist in 3…2…1…

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