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Pavlov: Shack for Oculus Quest Officially Available via SideQuest for Easy Installation

Pavlov: Shack got its soft launch back in December 2019 ahead of its full official release on the Oculus storefront later this year.

It was a completely free download, but it was a little complicated to get downloaded and installed onto the Oculus Quest headset. Rather than being available on SideQuest, you’d have to download the game file and install it manually. Not anymore.

To simplify the process and get more players involved in the fast-paced team shooter, Pavlov: Shack has been officially released on the SideQuest program. This means your effort is minimal. You just need to plug your headset into your computer, start the SideQuest program, find the Pavlov: Shack app, and then click install. From there it is just a case of waiting for the game to download and install itself. If you’ve a decent internet connection, it shouldn’t take any more than half an hour.

Pavlov: Shack is the free-to-play spin-off of Pavlov VR designed exclusively for the Oculus Quest headset. The current build is still a little rough around the edges but it is expected that the developer will continue to build on the game in the run up to the official Oculus store release.

There’s no release date for Pavlov: Shack at the moment, but the developer has previously stated that the game will appear on Oculus’ official store in early 2020.

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