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Unwrap the Free Holiday Gifts DLC for The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets out now on PC and PSVR

The simple but oh so charming puzzle game The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets gets a free to play but seasonal DLC package aptly titled, Holiday Gifts. This time around, you’ll be helping Grandpa Santa Clause find his missing presents. It turns out Grandpa Santa isn’t getting any younger, and he somehow misplaced a present somewhere in each level of the game.

If you can manage to find all of the missing gifts and return them to G’pa Santa Clause’s bag, you’ll bag your very own in-game reward. This seasonal DLC will only be active from now until January 13th, but the in-game reward will be yours to keep. Speaking on Reddit, Andreas from developer Fast Travel Games suggests that some of these gifts may be a bit more difficult to find than the pets in the main game. I can’t attest to that, as I haven’t yet played the DLC, but I did play the main campaign and, as you can tell from my review, I liked it a great deal.

If I did have a problem with The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, it would have been that it was too short and too easy. It seems that Fast Travel Games may have taken steps to remedy both of those complaints with the Holiday Gifts DLC. Even if it’s still on the easy side, having another reason to reenter the adorable world of The Curious Tale is more than welcome. Especially at the affordable price of free.

Source: Pure PlayStation

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