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Futuristic Racer Radial-G: Proteus Coming to Oculus Quest in December

If you own an Oculus Quest, then you know that there is a serious need for a racing game. Death Lap has been in the “Coming Soon” section for a while but there is no release date. During UploadVR’s Holiday VR Showcase¬†we finally got a release date for a racing game on the Quest, but it wasn’t Death Lap, it was Radial-G Proteus.

Tammeka Games released Radial-G: Racing Revolved back in 2016 for PCVR headsets. A port to the PSVR came a year later and received a lukewarm response. Publisher Things3d has retooled the game for the Oculus Quest with a new name, Radial-G: Proteus, and a brand new visual style. The racer still features the branching tubular tracks you may remember. You’ll still need to aim for boost pads while dodging obstacles and your enemy’s attacks, but you’ll do so in a cell-shaded world that really sets it apart from the original.

Along with unlockable ships, Oculus achievements, and leaderboards, it’s going to release with several different modes to start, and Things3D promised to support the game post-release. No word yet if the Quest version will ship with the multiplayer mode that the PCVR version had, but here’s to hoping it does or will be added soon. You can pick up Radial-G: Proteus December 17 just in time for Christmas.

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