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PC Shooter Zero Caliber Aims for a 2020 Quarter 2 Release on PSVR

XREAL Games, an indie developer based in Hungary, announced on YouTube that their military first-person shooter Zero Caliber is nearing a release for Sony’s PSVR. They didn’t give a specific date but did say they’ve been working on it for months and are targeting a quarter two release in 2020. Zero Caliber has been available as an Early Access title on PCVR for a year and boasts a “very positive” review average. In their VR DevLog above, they mention that in addition to a story mode featuring full co-op, the much-anticipated PVP mode for the original PC version is still in development, and they hope to launch a public beta sometime in January with dedicated servers. No word on a PVP mode for the PSVR version yet, but hopefully that makes it in before launch.

But wait, there is even more good news for PSVR players. In addition to Zero Caliber, XREAL Games is also planning to bring their first title, sci-fi shooter A-Tech Cybernetic, to Sony’s headset even sooner than Zero Caliber. A-Tech Cybernetic is set to release sometime in quarter 1 of 2020, so if you just can’t wait for Zero Caliber, or if a Doom-like sci-fi-nightmare shooter is more your thing, you won’t have long to wait. It too features a “very positive” review average on Steam, so if the ports go well, PSVR players should have a couple of fun new shooters to work out their trigger fingers with.

In addition, both titles are currently on sale at the Steam store, including a hefty 60 percent off for A-Tech Cybernetic. That won’t help you if you only have a PSVR, but if you have a PC compatible headset, now may be the perfect time to check one (or both) of these FPS games out.

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