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Climbey Demo Available Now on Oculus Quests (via SideQuest)

There’s a new demo available to try out today on Oculus Quest, though you’ll need to download and install it via the brilliant SideQuest program on PC. The demo is for Brian Lindenhof’s VR climbing game, Climbey.

Climbey is currently available on Steam as an Early Access release and it’s sitting on a ‘Very Positive’ score from user reviews. I’ve had a quick go myself on the Oculus Quest, and it is very good fun. A little jarring at times, sure, but fun all the same.

Climbey is a climbing game where you race through different obstacle courses by climbing, jumping and swinging to the finish line. The Oculus Quest demo has a demo level and a couple of user-generated levels brought over from the PC version of the game. Unfortunately, the demo isn’t up on the Oculus Store so you’ll have to download and install via SideQuest. It’s not that difficult, mind you, and it won’t take too long either as it’s a fairly small download.

There’s no word yet on when a full version will release on Oculus Quest, but I suppose Quest players could get the full experience via Steam once the Oculus Link update is released.

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