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Stealth Shooter Panther VR Reached It’s Kickstarter Goal, Early Access Scheduled for April 2020

One game genre that hasn’t been completely flooded in the virtual space is stealth shooters, and that is the main reason I’m excited for Panther VR. We all know Espire 1 is coming to all VR headsets soon and it looks amazing, but there is more than enough room in the stealth-action VR space for Panther VR.

According to the developer Wolfdog Interactive, you can tackle the large open-world missions going full stealth or guns blazing. You can choose the weapons and gadgets to take on the unlimited generated missions, and even upgrade and modify said weapons and gadgets to fit your playstyle. After you decide where and how to infiltrate each location, explore it with whichever movement option you prefer, including full locomotion, to uncover clues and tons of valuable loot.

According to the official Steam page, the story is set in a distant future where international corporations run the world. You play as a Panther agent in The Guild, an international secret organization of super thieves, working for the highest bidder.

The gameplay I’ve seen looks very promising, and I’m not surprised that it reached its funding goals. Panther VR is definitely a game to keep your eye on. I know I’m looking forward to getting my greedy little hands on it!

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