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Pure PSVR Plays: Week 2

Welcome to episode two of Pure PSVR Plays. Last week we introduced the characters and location, Chris and I at Pure PSVR HQ, and now we introduce the conflict. Why does Chris hate me so much, and which one of us will get the girl? I can’t wait to find out! In the meantime, what are you malcontents playing this weekend?

Jeremy Peterson

I played the awesome Thrill of the Fight on the Quest last night and now I can barely move, which isn’t great considering I need to cut down some trees on my property today for the privacy fence that is going to be erected in a few weeks. Don’t tell my wife that the fence is going up in part so I can play the Quest in my backyard without the prying eyes of my neighbors. While my body heals from the boxing, I’ll probably play some Call of Duty Modern Warfare with my son and Chris.

Chris Harding

I’m aching all over from just two rounds in The Thrill of the Fight, so I might take Saturday to rest and play the new Modern Warfare. Sunday I’ll don the headset and try my best to not put a hole in the wall/TV/people.I’m going to put another hour or two into Ultrawings on the Quest before sitting down to do my review. Other than that, everything is fair game!

It turns out The Thrill of the Fight, eventually turns into The Soreness after the Fight! So now that we bared our souls to you, what are ya’ll playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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