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Review: Star Wars Vader Immortal: Episode 2 – Oculus Quest

Vader Immortal – Episode 2 picks up right where the first instalment left off; with you and Vader deep inside some mystical cavern in search of some mystical doo-dad that he needs to bring Padme back to life. You get your lightsaber taken off you by the big man before trekking a little deeper into the cavern.

It’s here that you wield a new weapon: the Force. The actual Force!

Vader reveals that he knows you’re able to use the force, and instead of a proper training montage a la Luke and Yoda in Empire Strikes Back, you’re told to feel the Force before Vader starts lobbing chunks of rock at your face. I physically flinched when he launched that first rock towards me. I instinctively raised my hands to protect my face, clenching the controllers as I did so, waiting for the audio feedback to indicate big bad Vader has just owned me. It never came. I looked up in amazement as the rock he had just thrown at me hung in mid-air just a couple of feet away from my face. I was using the Force!

Vader Immortal Episode 2 Review

It’s the little moments like the one I just described that make the story content great in the Vader Immortal series, even if it is let down by a very short running time. I managed to get through the story within 30-40 minutes, which is shorter than the first episode. I’m not one to complain about quantity so long as the quality is there; a shit 10-hour game is still shit, after all. Yet I did feel it was over far too soon, ending on a cliffhanger that left more unanswered questions. Most, if not all of these lingering strands of story, will be concluded in the third and final episode, but until then it’s back to the Lightsaber Dojo for me.

As I mentioned in my review for Vader Immortal: Episode 1, the Lightsaber Dojo is where you’ll get the most bang for your ten bucks. You’ll fight waves of enemies while trying to beat the scores set by the game, only this time around you’ll be using the Force as well as your trusty lightsaber.

It’s still a very similar experience to the first episode’s dojo mode. Flying enemies will attack you from afar, though a new addition in the form of flying creatures that spit toxic goo keep things from being the same; it’s just 90% the same. Little ball-like training droids still whizz around taking potshots. Training droids with laser swords still telegraph their moves, making for some fun, albeit unfulfilling, lightsaber combat.

Using the force to activate traps and stun opponents is a little different, but I found myself struggling to keep up with the waves after a while and ended up ignoring the force-activated traps in favour of throwing my lightsaber.¬† Yes, you can throw your lightsaber at an enemy and have it return straight to your hand. I loved this and, I won’t lie, I probably abused it a bit too much to cheese my way through a few of the tougher waves. It’s either that or “git gud,” and I’m a busy man with little time to do so.

Again, as was the case with Episode 1, hardcore Star Wars fans will enjoy the story in Vader Immortal: Episode 2, even if it does feel very rushed. One moment you’re a smuggler, the next you’re able to wield the Force like you’ve been doing it your entire life. I know some concessions have to be made but a little more padding wouldn’t have hurt. For everyone else, give the story a run-through, but get yourself to the Dojo afterwards for the real fun.

Star Wars Vader Immortal: Episode 2 Oculus Quest Review
  • Overall - Fantastic - 8/10


Vader Immortal: Episode 2 pushes the story forward at breakneck speed, meaning you’re in for a shorter ride this time around. Again, we’re left on the teetering edge of a cliffhanger without any idea as to when we’ll get the conclusion. Episode 3 can not come soon enough.

The Lightsaber Dojo returns with a new arena, new enemies, and a new way to play. Throwing rocks around and activating traps using the Force is brilliant, but nothing compares to throwing a lightsaber across the room, slicing a couple of enemies on the way, and then having it zip back to your hand, slicing a couple more critters on the way back. Phenomenal stuff.


  • The story, while short, is still super interesting and will you wanting more
  • Using the Force is brilliant in a way that can only be possible with VR
  • Lightsaber Dojo is back and better than before


  • The story is too short and narrative beats are hit in quick succession. It feels rather rushed in that respect.

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a copy of the game bought at the expense of the reviewer. For more information, please read our Review Policy.

Reviewed using Oculus Quest.

Also available on:

Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S

Release Date:

September 25th, 2019

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