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Watch New Gameplay Footage of VR First-Person Shooter ALVO

If you haven’t heard, Alvo the on-again-off-again PVP military shooter for the PlayStation VR and Oculus is back on again. We first got word of Alvo way back in 2017, by way of a polished trailer that featured zero in-game footage. As you might imagine, it looked pretty good and had a lot of us who dreamed of playing this type of first-person shooter in virtual reality very excited. But as 2017 became 2018 and we got no word on the game’s progress, it didn’t take a genius to see the writing on the wall.

Eventually, the news dropped that what we expected all along had come to fruition: Alvo had been canceled. Apparently, the game’s primary investor pulled the plug on the money, and as the money dried up and disappeared, so did the game. Speaking on Reddit, one of the developers said they had no choice but to suspend development. After the investor bailed and those remaining spent all of their own money, they couldn’t afford to continue.

A few months ago, again on Reddit, the creative team behind Alvo said they’ve found new investors and that Alvo, complete with a new development team, is back on. I know what you’re thinking because we’re thinking the same thing, fool me once…

To assuage our fears, Mardonpol released a new gameplay trailer, that you can watch above, which shows an early build of the game. Did I mention it was an early build? It obviously doesn’t show a level of polish as, say current PSVR exclusive Firewall Zero Hour, or even the original Alvo trailer, but at least we know the game actually exists in one form or another.

I for one, am still very much interested in playing this game. I don’t know if it remains a cross-platform as it once was or if it’s a PlayStation VR exclusive as some rumors suggest. The description on the Alvo VR Youtube page states it’s for “PlayStation Virtual Reality and Oculus,” but does that include the Oculus Quest?  I don’t know the answers to any of those questions or if it will meet any of its lofty goals. Hell, it may never see the light of day, but if it does, I’ll be playing it on whatever system I can.

Is Alvo the Online FPS we all desperately need in the VR space or is just more setbacks waiting to happen? Either way, keep it here at Pure PSVR for the early returns.

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