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Traffic Jams is Bringing the Most Boring Job to Life on VR

Little Chicken Game Company has announced that it will be releasing its latest game, Traffic Jams, on as many VR headsets as possible. The Dutch development studio has been a little coy when it comes to confirming platforms, but going off of the trailer (up above) it looks as if the game makes use of the PSVR’s PS Move wand controllers. So a PSVR version is very likely, but what about other headsets?

First, a bit about the game. You play as Danny Schrobbebler, a man whose greatest pleasure in life is his job as a Traffic Controller. He loves it, he does. As you play as Danny, you’ll be controlling traffic because… that’s his job? It’s kind of in the title.

At this moment in time there isn’t a release date, nor are any platforms confirmed. The developer has said that it would like the game on as many headsets as possible and that it will be releasing as soon as possible once the company has a minimum viable product to release.

For the time being, we’ve got a teaser trailer and that’s about it. Obviously, we’ll update as and when more information becomes available.

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