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Pavlov VR Will Be Free to Play on Oculus Quest

One of the better side-loadable games on Oculus Quest, Pavlov VR, is still in alpha stages. The latest build went live today with version 9, which saw a firing range and a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare-inspired ‘Killing House’. But when is the full release coming, and what will it cost?

The game’s developer, Dave Villz, has spoken out on the game’s official Discord channel in reply to fans asking about the game’s final release on Quest. According to the developer, Pavlov will be free to play to stay competitive with upcoming games. Dave Villz explained:

“I think the best pricing for Pavlov is free to play. I remember when I first made Pavlov for PC I really wanted it to be free to play but I had $4k to live for 5 months, by the time it released I had no money and I needed that paycheck to pay for servers, etc. This time around is different, Pavlov on PC is doing well and can venture now on a more sustainable monetization for the long run.”

That’s quite the commitment, but one I and many others will appreciate. The release date, however, is still elusive. After a public spat with Oculus that ended with the developer confirming the game would release officially on Oculus Quest, the release date target has been set as 2019. That is just a target, bear in mind, and the developer and his colleagues have been quick to note on the Discord channel that it is a target, so it could change.

Interestingly, when asked outright if he could confirm a release date, Dave Villz stated “I’m probably not allowed,” and said nothing more on the subject. It could be that a release date has been put in place with Oculus but the platform holder wants to keep that date for a big reveal closer to the time.

For the time being, you can test the game while it is in its infancy by side-loading the game onto your Quest. It doesn’t cost anything but bear in mind that it won’t be running perfectly and you will experience some glitches, poor performance or errors – or even all three at once if the universe decides to hate you.

Source: Discord

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